The Center for STEM Education is committed to quality research on STEM teaching and learning. It is through STEM education research that we develop approaches to solve the challenges facing our world today. It is only through data on effectiveness that we can make substantive improvements in STEM education to better prepare students, teachers, and STEM professionals for a vibrant future.

“All citizens can contribute to our nation’s progress and vibrancy. To be prepared for the STEM careers of the future, all learners must have an equitable opportunity to acquire foundational STEM knowledge. The STEM Education of the Future brings together our advanced understanding of how people learn with modern technology to create more personalized learning experiences, to inspire learning, and to foster creativity from an early age. It will unleash and harness the curiosity of young people and adult learners across the United States, cultivating a culture of innovation and inquiry, and ensuring our nation remains the global leader in science and technology discovery and competitiveness.” National Science Foundation: A Vision Statement for STEM Education of the Future