Field Botany and Ecology Abstracts

Field Biology and Ecology Abstracts

Class of 2015

A comparison of exotic species presence and abundance in several North Carolina mountain communities Sarah Watkins

Interactions between pollinators visiting the same flowers at the same time  Michael Sosa

Pollinator preferences for different types of flowers at the butterfly garden, Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina Taylor Parrish

A comparison of forest sampling results from two successive years in the same location in the North Carolina mountains Malena Howerton

The recovery of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) from the hemlock wooly adelgid outbreak David Lynch

The use of prescribed burns to manage and sustain natural plant communities in North Carolina and the Southeast Lucas Risinger

Differentiation of plant species having disjunct distributions in the mountains and Coastal Plain of North Carolina Guadaloupe Pulido

The evolution and occurrence of compound leaves in the Magnoliophyta  Kyle Morgenstein

Class of 2014

Comparison of Exotic Invasive Plant Presence in Three Areas in the North Carolina MountainsAlexia Lucas

Effects of Prescribed Burning on Longleaf Pine Recruitment and RegenerationAlexis Payton 

The Progression of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestation. Emma Johnson

Natural Blight Resistance in American Chestnut - Breeding Programs. Jarod Cahoon 

The Relationship Between Trail Construction and Invasive Species in Nature Preserves. Luke Antinori 

Preferences of Pollinators for Specific Flower Features. Muznah Khan

Effect of Climate Change on Pollination. Othmane Jadi 

Comparison of Control Methods for the Hemlock Woolly AdelgidSimran Koura

The Use of Strata Analysis in Predicting Succession. Taran Vogts

Vegetative Evidence for the Origin and Maintenance of Grassy Balds. Tia Foster

Class of 2013

A Study of Exotic Plant Species in Julian Price Park. Dina Chen

Pollinator Preferences for Floral TraitsRebecca Cooper

Natural Plant Antidotes to Poisonous PlantsJohn Dinkins

An Analysis of Community Structure along the Umbrella Tree Trail in Reedy Creek Park, Mecklenburg County, NC. Ashley Gosselin

The Effects of Poaching on the Sustainability of Two Southern Appalachian PlantsCaitlyn Hall

Southern Appalachian Mountains as ‘Sky IslandsRachel Koon

The Effects of and the Recovery from Forest GrazingAdam Kurczek

Current Status of the Eastern Hemlock and Predictions for the FuturePatricia Malcolm

The Grassy Balds of Roan Mountain: Will They Survive? Suzanna Schultz

A Comparison of Five Native Plant Families and their Medicinal UsesRuth Vorder Bruegge

Class of 2012

Use of benthic macroinvertebrates to indicate water quality. Rachel Buchanan

A comparison of plant species diversity and abundance in different regions of North Carolina. Sam Christensen

The hemlock wooly adelgid and the fate of the eastern hemlock. Ebony Cooke

Differential attraction of insect orders to different wavelengths of light. Christopher Hering

Relationship between habitat successional stage and small mammal diversity. Taylor Logan

Preferences of two salamander species for position in a stream. Ian McMillan

The balsam wooly adelgid and the fate of the fraser fir. Quyen Nguyen

Does beak size determine aggressiveness of small birds to an avian predator? Regina Rutledge

Differences between permanent resident and summer resident bird responses to the call of a screech owl. Anna Spencer

A comparison of trapping rates between genders of mice. Tillman Stone Yeatts

Class of 2011

Forest Composition of Raven Rock State Park, Harnett County, North Carolina. Evan Kirk

Bird Diversity in Reedy Creek Park, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Maceon McCracken

Attraction of Different Orders of Insects to Various Colors of Light. Kevin Li

Annual Variation of Adult and Juvenile Salamander Abundances in Lower Creek, Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina. Daniel Chang

Using Benthic Macro invertebrates to Measure Water Quality in the New River, Ashe County, North Carolina. Ryan Visser

Recapture Rates in Small Mammal Trapping Studies. Jamie Smith

Relationship Between Bird Size and Response to Screech Owl Calls. Tawny Orender

Non-native Plant Species in North Carolina: Distribution, Abundance and Effects. Caitlin Seyfried

Class of 2010

Variation of Deer Mice Populations in Watauga County, North Carolina. Tanner Brusko

Annual Variation of Bird Populations in Several Areas of North Carolina. Ben Chappell

Effects of Temperature on Mobbing Responses of Birds to a Screech Owl Call. Christine Guseman

 Annual Variations in Mayfly Populations and Relations to Water Quality in the New River of Ashe County, NC. Benjamin Lee

Analysis of Body Size in Blackbelly Salamanders on Mt. Mitchell, Yancey County, North Carolina. Jacob Tyler Pawlik

An analysis of successional status of three forest communities in North Carolina. Elaina Philpott

Responses of Small Birds to a Screech Owl Call in Different Regions in North Carolina. Jennifer Richter

A Comparison of Small Mammal Diversity in Upland and Lowland Areas in Watauga County, North Carolina. Catherine Schumak

A Comparison of Insect Diversity in Different Habitats and Regions of North Carolina. Bolton Smith

The relationship between salamander size and depth of occurrence in a mountain stream in North Carolina. Tom Vosburgh