STEM Research Program

STEM Research Program

The Center for STEM Education will host its STEM Research Experience Program starting in February through November 2023. 

High school rising juniors and rising seniors will have the opportunity to be paired with a faculty mentor for an intensive summer six to eight week research experience where they will be responsible for producing several products related to STEM. Students will have the opportunity to engage in multiple events that will showcase their research experience and findings. 

Online Application 

  • Online Application Opens  January 6, 2023 and the Deadline to apply is January 23, 2023.
  • Late materials will not be accepted
  • There is a nonrefundable application processing fee $25.00. Failure to include the payment will result in the application not being processed. Make check payable to UNC Charlotte and mail to Center for STEM Education, STEM Research Experience, Room 222, Cato COED, 9201 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28223-0001.

Apply Here

Application Requirements

The STEM Research Program application requires both student and parent/guardian responses. A Parent/Guardian must agree to the Parent/Guardian Statements on this form, so please make sure they are available to agree and verify their willingness to support your application for participation in this program at the time of your submission.

The following information is required and may include uploading documents.

  • Student Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Two letters of recommendation from STEM Teachers. See application for details.
  • Student Resume
  • Student Transcript  Your academic transcript must be emailed. See application for details.
  • Student Essay
  • Student Medical Information 
  • Transportation permission
  • Field Trip Transportation permission
  • Emergency/Early Dismissal/Inclement Weather information and permission
  • Photography and Video Release permission
  • Parent/Guardian and Student Conduct and Rules Agreement

This program is a highly competative program.  Not all qualified students will be selected to participate.

For more information contact Alisa Wickliff at